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New MOOC from Stephen Downes on Connectivism and Learning

8 febbraio 2017

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Over the last fifty years we have begun to see a shift in learning from the idea of teaching as instruction about facts and principles to teaching as the facilitation of practice and engagement. New teaching styles and methods are shifting away from lectures and presentations, and toward projects and activities.

With the just launched course by Stephen Downes on our platform you will learn how new connected forms of learning can be developed and supported, and why they produce better learning outcomes.

You will do this by understanding the nature of learning itself, as described by a theory called ‘connectivism’, and by understanding how new instructional methods align with this new theory of learning,

The MOOC will run for 10 weeks, and will provide an overview of Downes’s version of connectivism as it applies to teaching and learning. It provides a unique chance for all users to study with the founder of MOOCs and leading expert in online learning and new media.

“This course looks at the theoretical foundations of much of my work – says Stephen Downes – from the development of the first MOOC to my work in personal learning and learning content syndication. You’ll find introductions and discussions of all of the major themes I’ve examined over the last two decades.
It was also a pleasure to record 36 brand new videos for this course. They’re short, easy to digest, and capture the highlights of connectivism, personal learning, learning networks, critical literacies, and more. These are of course just the beginning of the work we can do in this course. How much more deeply you go is up to you”.

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  1. Maria Fadda ha detto:

    Trovo l’argomento affascinante, ma il problema è mettere assieme teoria e pratica. Le conoscenze digitali limitate ne impediscono un utilizzo e ritorno gratificante!!

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