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IPSAMOOC: the joint venture IPSA – Federica Weblearning now on edX!

9 maggio 2018

Redazione Federica.euRedazione, Notizie dallo staff

We are very excited to announce that the joint venture IPSA – Federica Weblearning is now on edX, the leading nonprofit online learning platform founded by Harvard and MIT.


Authored by some of the outstanding academics in the IPSA community, IPSAMOOC is a unique contribution to political scientists worldwide as well as to students of politics at large, providing open access to a highly qualified PS core curriculum. The courses are open to all and are free of charge. Certification is available on all courses for learners who successfully complete the content and assignments. A small fee is payable for issue of the certificate.

Introduction to Political Science

Five of these courses combine to form an edX XSeries programme, which offers learners a deeper understanding and a core qualification in key subjects in Political Science through a valuable XSeries certificate.



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