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Apple & Naples: The sky is the limit…

17 marzo 2016

Mauro Calise, Director, Federica Weblearning

We only have a broad outline of Apple’s plans for its first European iOS App Development Center, soon to be opened in Naples. But this new venture has unlimited potential in terms of Apple’s core mission: empowering human resources. With Paris, Naples is the oldest metropolitan hub in Europe, with a millennium-old history as a cultural and artistic melting pot. Arab, Jewish, Spanish, French, Austrian and British influences – not to mention the Greeks and Romans – are a constituent character of the Neapolitan lifestyle. Making citizens of Naples, by right of birth, citizens of the world. What better imprint for naturally blending into Apple’s philosophy of a global mind?
Other structural aspects look very promising. Naples is the capital of Southern Italy, a macroarea – 40% of Italy’s territory – which is still lagging behind on most economic performance indicators. Yet, Mezzogiorno will be enjoying – for the next six years – large financial investments from the European Union’s special funds for Regional Development. And the new Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, is betting on the South take-off as Italy’s main chance for recovery. After Milan’s exploit with the extremely successful World EXPO, Naples’ economic revival may become the decisive turnaround for Italy’s new beginning.
An easier challenge if we consider two exisitng, and booming, assets: tourism and culture. Over the last five years, tourism in Naples has picked up at very high speed. Banking on Naples’ unique position at the center of some of the world’s most famous attractions: Pompei, Capri, the Amalfi coast. As well as on its immense artistic heritage, which has made Naples the «largest open air museum» worldwide. With the special bonus of very favourable climatic conditions throughout the year.
Beauty, we know, is a requisite of culture. Naples is host to the oldest lay university in the world, and one of the largest in Italy. At the University of Naples Federico II, we are looking forward to a whole array of intersections with Apple’s venture, in several key scientific domains. Needless to say, this is even more true at Federica Weblearning, the University Center for Innovation and Diffusion of Multimedia Distance Education. From its very beginning, – Europe’s #1 MOOC platform from a public university – has been inspired by Apple’s core values: usability, interface design, continuous innovation. We believe that the MOOC frontier will bring about extraordinary opportunities for millions of new learners. A cultural revolution which is just beginning. With Apple in Naples, the sky is the limit.

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