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Italian Language and Culture

The Italian Language and Culture program, in partnership with Wellesley College, offers a comprehensive and varied introduction to aspects of Italian life and culture from Beginner level to Advanced.  

A range of learning activities including podcasts, interviews, interactive exercises and discussions, as well as the situational videos specially filmed with Wellesley students on their campus, will help you build your Italian grammar and vocabulary as well as develop the four skills of reading, listening, writing and speaking. 

There are also ample opportunities to help you discover more about Italian life and culture, exploring topics like food and fashion, art, and literature, as well as learning how social systems and services work. 

With a large range of courses from A2 to C1 level, there is something for everyone, and all users will be able to improve their language skills whatever their starting point.

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N. Courses

14 courses (3 programs)


4 months (for program)


International students, foreign workers, refugees




Beginners, intermediate, advanced



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Learn about Italian language and culture with Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced courses, there is something for everyone. Choose where to start, and take your language to the next level.


In these beginner courses you will learn how to introduce yourself, meet new people and have a basic conversation


1. Le città italiane e la piazza

In this course you will learn the basics of the Italian language to enable you to meet people and introduce yourself, order something to drink in a café, and to describe your city

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2. I giovani, la famiglia e l'università

In this course you will study the lexis, grammar and functions to describe people, talk about daily routine, and organise your social calendar and discuss future plans. Cultural activities focus on university life in Italy

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3. Attività, sport e vacanze

This course introduces you to the grammar and lexis you need to discuss different types of holiday and the free-time activities, as well as how to organise an evening out or a tour round the city. Cultural activities focus on holidays in Italy and Italian cinema.

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4. La cucina italiana

In this course the language focus is on past events and past experiences. You will learn how to exchange information and opinions about your childhood and your school days, and you will also learn about Italian food and how to prepare it.

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Expand your Italian language skills to have more in-depth exchanges about your current life, work and your future plans


1. La casa e la moda

In this course you will talk about clothes and fashion, daily routines and learn important grammar like reflexive verbs

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2. L'arte italiana

The focus in this course is on talking about the past, with an exploration of historic texts, paintings, characters and architecture.

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3. La salute e il sistema sanitario

This course looks at the language for describing injuries and illnesses and helps you understand how healthcare systems work

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4. Fare la spesa e fare le spese

This course takes you on a tour of the shops and helps you learn the lexis for the things you need to buy. There is also a focus on your plans for the short and long-term future.

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Perfect your Italian language skills to express opinions and hypotheses, and sustain an argument, on topics as diverse as the economy, citizenship and Dante


1. Il mondo del lavoro

In this course you will explore the world of work, looking at professions, qualifications, job descriptions and interviews.

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2. Il sistema politico

In this course you will look at the grammar of the subjunctive, discuss how the Italian political system works and reflect on your language learning.

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3. L'ambiente

In this course the focus is on the environment, and the readings and interviews explore Italy’s approach. The grammar sections guide you through the conditionals.

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4. La musica, il teatro e il viaggio di Dante nella Divina Commedia

As the title suggests, this course is a voyage of discovery, through Italian music, theatre and architecture.

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5. Il divario tra Nord e Sud

This course equips you to use the gerund and infinitive successfully and introduces you to cultural issues in Italy like the North-South divide.

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6. Emigrazione e immigrazione: identità italiana nel nuovo millennio

This course looks at recent migration flows in and out of Italy and introduces you to the specific grammar and lexis to discuss the phenomenon and related issues.

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What you will learn

  • Expand your conversational skills from basic conversation to in-depth discussion
  • Develop your reading and listening skills to deal with a variety of topics and text types
  • Master language functions from asking for information to dealing with bureaucracy
  • Acquire grammar and lexical mastery from A2 to C1
  • Italian culture, from art and literature to fashion and food, to cities and tourist attractions


Daniela Bartalesi-Graf
Lecturer, Department of Italian Studies at Wellesley College

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Wellesley College is a small Liberal Arts college located near Boston, Massachusetts (USA) that prepares women to pursue graduate work and careers in the humanities, arts and sciences. 
Our language program, with small class sizes and extensive opportunities to study abroad, prepares students well beyond the depth and breadth of language programs at most small liberal arts colleges. We require all students to study one foreign language for at least four semesters, up to high-intermediate level.
The Department of Italian Studies at Wellesley College has distinguished itself for adopting the latest technologies in second language acquisition and for expanding language teaching and learning beyond the campus via both “blended” and fully online courses.

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