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EN – Federica Web Learning is onlife

The new look Federica. Federica is the multimedia Web Learning platform at the University of Naples, Federico II. It started life in 2007 as a pioneering project in quality open-access online learning and has grown to become a world leader in the field. Today marks the beginning of a new user experience and a new era.

Federica Web Learning is the leading single-university platform in Europe and is in the world’s top 10 for production of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). MOOCs have experienced exponential growth in recent years, reaching over 140 million learners on the main global platforms and offering an innovative response to the learning needs of the digital generation.

Sapere senza limiti (Knowledge unlimited), beyond the confines of time and space, Federica and its new learning technologies manages to achieve that most democratic of enlightenment principles; the sharing of knowledge. This is what inspires this campaign, the idea that knowledge is the only key to emancipation and that Expanding Education is the only way forward.

Federica Web Learning boasts around 200 multidisciplinary MOOCs all of which are available on the platform, all designed and created by faculty from the University of Naples Federico II and from other leading Italian and International universities in collaboration with the team of young educational technology specialists at Federica.

All the Federica courses can be accessed for free by any university student in Italy, and by teachers who wish to integrate them into their own teaching programs or recommend them as supplementary learning content. This is even more valuable when the physical spaces of colleges and campuses are closing down in response to the current health emergency, and learning is moving into the virtual space.

With its new platform, reasserts its leading position in the expanding universe of e-learning, faithful to its original mission of providing free access to quality university teaching online. 


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9 Marzo 2020