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Bachelor courseTechniques and Methods in Psychological Science

The bachelor course “Techniques and Methods in Psychological Science” uses distance learning to allow access to high-quality training in the psychological field. The course is oriented towards a clinical and methodological preparation. It includes the basic knowledge that characterize the different sectors of Psychology, the methods of scientific investigation, the skills on cognitive and emotional processes and their psychobiological bases. It is also provided the knowledge to carry out intervention projects aimed at communities (for example in collaboration with or intended for international NGOs), to intervene in emergencies and to improve the well-being and promote the health of adults and children even in cultural contexts other than the national one. The distance teaching provided includes two components: online teaching delivered through MOOC on Federica and interactive teaching on the LMS platform.

A. Megighian

An overview of basic neurophysiological concepts for understanding the structure and functions of the nervous system

S. Scrimin, U. Moscardino

A focus ongrowth to learn how to express knowledge about basic developmental psychologytheories, methods and processes

E. Toffalini, G. Mioni

An introduction to the history, research design and methods in the Science of Psychology, to aid understanding of the different fields of application


Work Areas

The work areas in which the graduate will be able to find a place will be: public or private institutions aimed at the protection of psychological well-being in its many forms; companies and public and private institutions, cooperatives operating in the private sector for research, consultancy, training and organizational development activities; entities and institutions for continuing education; organizations that deal with the management of migration flows, inclusiveness and human rights (even in emergency contexts).

The training of the three-year graduate will be aimed at acquiring solid psychological knowledge of a theoretical-methodological type. Graduates will be able to operate competently in international contexts. The training acquired will allow students who decide not to continue their studies, both to know how to plan an intervention at the level of institutions and to effectively work alongside postgraduate / specialist graduates. For students who will continue their studies, the skills already acquired will constitute a broad and solid foundation on which to build specific skills. The cultural and professional profile of the graduate will therefore be characterized by international skills that will allow both immediate usability and the continuation of studies in numerous countries.


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